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Inspiration for the Convention & Short Ron Paul Video, Awsome!

Default How to Win the Convention- REAL REVOLUTION
I am a Republican and am within the party.

I have seen the belly of the beast.

Many of us in the party are angry about what has happened. We know the game.

Romney's people will never do it. Giuliani's people will never do it. They are beholden to the party. Only you can and will.

Your campaign has been taken off course. Whether you realize it or not, your opportunity to win the nomination is now greater than ever. Take hold of the reigns.

Steady mind and steady planning.

Huckabee is your saving grace for he will drive the wedge within the party line. Do not be sidetracked. Do not be despondent. Do not be afraid.


The focus now, should be to receive delegate votes at the Convention. Ideally, the RPHQs should be working with you to bring delegates on board. They probably are not doing this so it is up to you.

It is the delegates and only the delegates that will determine the winner of the Republican nomination. McCain and Huckabee's campaign know this and they are working in this direction. You should be too.

Unbound delegates may vote for whom they like.

Bound delegates may hope for a brokered convention, or they may choose to go in opposition of party rules and vote for the candidate of their choice.

One thing is for sure. You will never be able to vote for RP if you are not there as a delegate.

Does a Revolution wilt away at the first sign of defeat? No.

YOU are your only hope for the future. This is your opportunity to win and only RP supporters have the fortitude to do it. This should be the direction you work in. It is not over.


Good luck.


AND - - - - you NEED to watch this's AWESOME!

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