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Meetup Groups, Delegates and Supporters Nationwide Network Here!

Post Brainstorms, Requests, and anything else that can help elect Ron Paul from any location Nationwide. We can use this Forum to mobilize and carry out new idea's in a concentrated effort.

For Example if we would like to overwhelm a Radio Talk Show with Calls, Fax's, Emails, Fast blasts, we can utilize this LJ for a Nationwide Concentrated Effort.

It could Work Like this:

Everyone call into the Glenn beck Show today From 12pm-3pm
Because he is talking about his greatest concern THE ECONOMY.
Call and Email Glenn there will be no way they can refuse to face
this issue in relation to Ron Paul.

Glenn Beck (Very Anti Ron Paul, Called Supporters Terrorists on one show)
Glenn Beck:
Stu is the Executive Producer and Head Writer
Christopher Brady:
Chris is the webmaster for Glenn Beck and is responsible for the design and updates.
Any Cities with upcoming Primaries that Need help with Supplies can also Post here and ask
for help with supplies, phone calls, Or anything we can help with from across the Nation.

And so on, this is why I created this community.
You get the Idea!

Vote Ron Paul!
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