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Ron Paul Endorses Murray Sabrin for Senate!!!

From: J. Douglas Fisher, Volunteer Coordinator
Sabrin for Senate '08

Subject: The vital importance of success of Murray's Campaign.


While Murray is out barnstorming New Jersey today, I am at the office here at 30 Montgomery Street, in Jersey City and decided to take a moment to explain the necessity of a successful Murray Sabrin Campaign..

Behind me several of the grass roots volunteers from the Ron Paul movement are working the phones encouraging movement supporters to get on board and help Dr. Sabrin. As many of you already know, Ron Paul has officially endorsed Murray, his friend of 25 years, for his bid for the United States Senate seat currently held by incumbent Frank Lautenburg.

Lets be honest with ourselves for a minute. Assuming the catastrophic worst thing happens, Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination AND he loses his congressional seat too, A Murray Sabrin victory would secure a 6 year foothold in the United States Senate and Guarantee that our voices will be heard, loud and clear.

Unlike the House of Representatives, which is the branch of Congress that Ron Paul is a member of, The United States Senate has different rules which govern how bills are presented for review and voted up or down. Our country's founders were smart to include these extra measures to keep government honest as best as possible.

I introduce you to the action of the FILIBUSTER. For those who are unaware of what a FILIBUSTER is, there is an excellent article on Wikipedia about it, but in short, It will allow Doctor Sabrin to force the Senate into an extended debate about any legislation brought forth to the Senate Floor. In short, any bad legislation, (exception being Budget Bills, that falls under rules of reconciliation) would either be debated endlessly, the bill would be withdrawn, or the Senate would be forced to a Cloture Vote, which is %60 of the voting Senators (in our case, 60 Senators would have to vote in order for Cloture)

Now, I know from history, ANYTIME someone from the US Senate Filibusters legislation, they are on National Television. Media loves this and eats it up like Wheaties. Murray has already said several times that he has no problem talking endlessly about bad legislation until either the bill is withdrawn or his colleagues make the necessary changes to make it in line with the constitution.

Point here, and I have said this to everyone I know, Murray is the security option to keeping this movement alive. But I will admit, success depends partially on the national support of the freedom movement.

Here's the pitch.

Promote the money bomb. Realize, in the end, Frank Lautenburg has a warchest of about 8 million to spend. Thats a significant amount of money. I'm not worried about the other contenders because they are non-contenders. But I do worry about incumbent.

I don't know if Frank will blow out all 8 million to hold his seat, and I am not asking everyone to donate to that amount this coming February 29th, however even Trevor Lyman realizes how easy this race can be won, which is why we are working with him to promote the Scholar OF Freedom Money Bomb.

So a couple of things I ask all of you to do...

1.) Go to and make a pledge.
2.) Promote this event throughout all of Myspace, Facebook, etc..
3.) Encourage your friends to "add Murray" to their friends list.
4.) Talk up Murray Sabrin at places such as the Daily Paul, Ron Paul Forums, et-al.
5.) Keep checking the campaign website at DAILY starting next week. Its going to be completely revamped and updated, and VERY INTERACTIVE.. (I cannot release the details now, but trust me, this will be fun...)

Fact is, more and more people are being introduced to Murray and they realize how easy it can be to win against Frank Lautenburg. I encourage all of you, who I know already are waist deep with Ron Paul, to please just put a little extra effort into our cause and support Murray as well. For the small amount of time invested, he is one hell of an insurance policy for our cause.

Thank you all for your time, talent, and understanding,

J. Douglas Fisher
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